Carpet Cleaning 101: Using Carpet Fabric Protector and Knowing When to Call in a Professional

Use a Fabric Protector in Order to Protect Your Carpet from Any Spills

One of the most important things that you can do in order to protect your carpet flooring is to apply some kind of stain prevention treatment to it. As a matter of fact, a lot of carpet cleaning company offer reliable fabric protection service that they can apply after deep cleaning your carpet. In addition to that, there are also a lot of options available depending on the service availability of the professional carpet cleaning company that you choose to deep clean your residential or commercial carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning 

Most of the time, these treatments can come up with a microscopic protection layer for your carpeting and it can also be used on chairs, sofas, as well as other upholstery. Furthermore, the microscopic coating of this treatment can be barely noticed. However, if this treatment is applied properly, it can be able to resist as well as repel liquid long enough for it to be cleaned up, thus, giving protection to your carpet against stains and marks. 

How to Properly Deal with Spills to Protect Your Carpet for a Much Longer Period of Time

While this tip is a bit oldie, it is still worth repeating. This is due to the fact that even if your carpet flooring is protected with the best protective treatment, there’s actually a wrong way and right way to deal with these spills that you must always follow. As a matter of fact, the number one spills rule is to blot and never to scrub. The primary goal here is to utilize a clean absorbent material like a paper towel or cloth in order to soak up the liquid spilled as well as lift it away from your carpet’s sensitive fibers. Furthermore, if you will scrub at a spill, you will only be able to succeed in pushing the stain much deeper in the roots of your carpet’s fibers and increase the chances of the stain becoming permanent. In addition to that, the smell and discoloration will also become more difficult to eliminate. 

Know When is the Right Time to Use the Professional Help of Expert Carpet Cleaners

Most carpet manufacturers actually suggest that their carpets must be professionally and deeply cleaned at least once a year. In fact, part of the strategy of keeping your carpet in best condition is to recognize when is the right time to get a professional help from expert carpet cleaning service providers in order to recondition your carpet using top quality solutions and equipment. So, the question is, how would you know if your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning? 

The very first thing to do is to ask yourself if how long ago was your carpet professionally and deep cleaned. Longer than a year simply means that it is definitely the best time to get a professional carpet cleaner in. Even if it does not appear very dirty, you’re surely bound to be delighted with its results – bring, bouncy fibers, fresh smelling, and really full of life. If you want to know more about professional carpet cleaning, visit

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