Things You Should Know About Icicles and Ice Dams on Your Gutter

Many of the most wonderful things in nature may have a harmful side, and icicles, as well as ice dams, are not exempted. Those shining shafts make a beautiful picture under the sun however, things can get awful in a blink of an eye when they begin causing injuries and damages or any other problems. The following are some of the dangerous risks displayed by the hardened chunks of ice such as icicles and ice dams and what are the things that you can do about them:

A Legitimate Threat

Icicles are actually formed by ice collected on gutters, roofs, tree limbs and other objects that are suspended. The sun shining down on these icicles can increase the temperature barely enough to promote melting. The liquid water rolls over the surface and starts dripping from it. However, the temperature in the air is still freezing, so without the additional thermal energy from concentrated exposure to the sun, the water once again freezes in mid-drip.

As a result of this, an elongated and hard cone of ice with a sharp pointed tip is formed. As a matter of fact, the appropriate conditions can cause the sides of the roof or your trees to gather an authentic display of large and small icicles, hanging in impressive slabs which make you run to take photos.

The issue with ice chunks is that they can fall and break, either by being jostled or jarred, through a natural melting process or even for no obvious reason. There is actually no chance of knowing when an ice chunk will fall to the surface – and that is why they are very dangerous and a natural threat to us, human beings and other valuable properties.

A heavy and huge icicle can definitely cause serious injuries to people to anyone standing under it. If the icicle is ahead of you and you happen to look upward at the time, it could lead you to serious injury to your eye or may cause blindness.

In addition to that, icicles also lead to structural damage to non-living things. Your gutters and roof may undergo a similar degree of stress if they are supporting massive ice dams (chunks of frozen water blocking your gutter) or icicles. Do not be surprised if the winter months leaves you with a significantly high repair bill.

A Simple Solution to the Problem

Icicles that hang from the trees are very much unavoidable, so you will simply need to maintain distance from them at all times. On the other hand, icicles that hang from gutters can be totally prevented. By keeping the temperature of the gutter’s surface above freezing point, you make it not possible for falling liquid water to become icicles. The most efficient and easiest way to reach this objective is by putting in a heat gutter guard. This heated gutters Buffalo NY don’t just help keep the water in its fluid or liquid form during those very cold weather but also, they hang over the roof lip to prevent debris and dirt from blocking the passageway of your gutter the entire year.

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