Important Things You Need to Know About Goat Meat

Even though goat meat is one of the most consumed red meat all over the world, it is just now becoming increasingly popular in America and with a really good reason. This is absolutely true even if there are some important drawbacks to note when eating goat meat. In this article, you will learn more about goat meat before you prepare it on a plate in front of you.

Goat Meat


  1. It is Lean 

Some people think that only boneless chicken breasts are the best option left for lean meat proteins. However, the truth is that if you only look a bit further down the health spectrum, you will be able to find that goat meat is also one of the best lean meat. As a matter of fact, the goat meat is not only the leanest red meat available in the market but expert says that it also has much fewer cholesterol and calories than turkey and chicken. In addition to that, the only meat that is much leaner than goat meat is the mighty ostrich, which weighs in about 2.8% fat. Here is what the competition looks like when talking about fat percentage: beef 18.8%, chicken 7.4%, turkey 5%, and goat 3%.  

  1. It is Clean 

Goats often get a bad rap, which is an unfair stereotype. Here is the reason why: since goats are not farmed in a factory in the same manner as pigs, cows, as well as chickens in America, chances are that they’re likely to have been raised, less the added antibiotics and growth hormones. As a matter of fact, almost all goat meat that reaches America comes from small international and domestic farms. This is the reason why goat meat is considered clean.  

  1. Goat Meat Suits Slow Roasting  

As a matter of fact, there are some ways to slow cook a goat meat. According to experts, goat meat is ideal for slow cooking since it will stand up to rich spices. However, in order to do this, you will need small trunks of goat meat.  

  1. Goat Meat Supports the Dairy Industry 

Eating young goat meat actually supports the dairy industry. According to experts, thousands of dairy billies are slaughtered every year shortly after they are born. These are the billies that are helping the industry thrive. However, according to experts, the goat industry feel that this is a tragedy.   

  1. Goat Meat Has a Strong Aroma 

Experts said that goat is great since it has a very funky, powerful aroma, most especially in its fat. This actually makes it the best fit to strong flavors such as soy sauce, spices, as well as fermented bamboo shoots and it also means that it is perfectly suited for broths. The flavor of goat meat is also very strong that it can be added to a rich broth in order to add flavor, without the goat meat itself becoming bland in the process. Goat meat is also ideal for very intense broth.   

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